WW3 was founded in 2006 by Neil Osman with a vision to promote web accessibility professionalism in Israel.

The company offers web accessibility training and audits to local web agencies and web professionals.

WW3 accessibility training include dedicated programs for front end developers teams, QA teams, UX expert and various content specialist.

For us, web accessibility is an inherent basis of the open web platform. as such, accessibility ought to be a sign of professionalism to all web professionals. We strive to help make the web a better place by making it usable to all users regardless of geography, language, device or ability.

The team

Neil Osman, WW3's founder, a veteran front end developer. As a visually impaired person, accessibility and assistive technologies are common daily experiences that serve as the basis for his vision of the open web.

Sarit Magen, WW3's operation manager and content strategist. Sarit storytelling talents help our customer better engage their users and maximize user retention / conversion.

Barak Braha, WW3's art director, a firm evangelist of "user first" approach to all digital services and products.