A comprehensive programs

audience: developers & QA professionals

We are proud to cooperate with "netcraft Academy", delivering web professionals with the most comprehensive accessibility training program.

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audience: web agencies & organisations

Our continuous effort to systematically establish an effective methodology that delivers the best ROI by combining sets of automatic accessibility tests alongside user testings with assistive technologies.

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We provide consulting services to companies and web agencies who wish to harness our experience to their specific needs.

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Daily accessibility workshops

audience: developers & QA professionals

A four hour hands-on workshop to get you going with web accessibility. Instead of copy pasting half baked solutions, get real - understand which users needs what, what may count as an accessibility issue, use your coding skill to resolve these issues directly.

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audience: UX & web designers

A dense four hour workshop that introduce you to the world of web accessibility. We start by introducing you to each particular audience and their special needs, followed by a sequence of case studies analysis that exemplify common failures alongside common best practices.

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audience: content managers & social media specialsts

Content managers are usually at the forefront of most updates. As such they stand in the crucial junction where content may fail to accommodate the needs of users with different abilities. This workshop will cover local regulation alongside common practices to comply successfully.

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